Private Label contract packaging

Private Label contract packaging


Mixing & filling
Manual packaging



We design the content of your product just as desired. We make samples for testing and modification, until we hit the spot. We also adapt the formulation according to certifications you may want on the packaging

You may use this formulation exclusively based on agreement / volume, as long as the criterias are fulfilled. As a starting point, ownership is Danpack’s but can of course be redeemed, for example, at the end of collaboration



You may already have a formulation you want filled (and mixed) in one of our packagings. We ensure that the formulation meets the current standard and are happy to make modifications for improvement



We have already a pretty large collection of formulations that are not in use but can form the basis of your new project. These are updated with the latest scientific knowledge

Mixning & filling



Delivered by you is the most common way of cooperation. Certificate from you and samples taken before production (filling) ensure quality and traceability. Microbiological test can be performed on the finished product on request




Compatibility test


To ensure there is no undesirable reaction between packaging and content, we recommend having a test done in our laboratory. Though we have a lot of experience with ingredients in relation to our packaging, we cannot give a 100% guarantee. If you choose not to have the test the responsibility for compatibility is all yours

The Math for the test looks like this:

Test weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Durability Year 1 Year 2 Year 3


For example, you should count on 8 weeks of testing if you want a shelf life of min. 2 years






We offer cold- as well as hot mixing

Manual packaging

  • Repacking
  • Marking
  • Retail packing
  • Bundle
  • Promotion
  • Sales Display
  • Magazine packaging
  • Empty retail pack for refill